Let’s have some fun together! Sunday Show Tunes is available to collaborate with your PR company, attend opening nights in the West End and Broadway and host interviews. We have a wide range of social media packages. Sunday Show Tunes has created a large following on social media and has over 120,000 listeners that consistently tune in. Maureen and Paul guarantee content creation that spotlights your PR company’s asks.

Opening Nights

Sunday Show Tunes loves covering opening nights at the West End. Maureen and Paul will post to social media, reaching over 9,000 followers, prior to and live at the event. They will also recap on an episode of their radio show or podcast.

Podcast Feature

Our podcast is all about great content, honest and fun interviewing, and truthful coverage. From performers and composers to producers and everyone in-between, over 120,000 Sunday Show Tunes listeners tune in to get the latest from this duo.

Social Media

Our social media following spans multiple platforms and reaches audiences from the UK to the USA. With over 6,000+ followers on Twitter and over 2,000+ followers on Instagram and Facebook, we create content to reach our audience and promote your show. We love to collaborate and ensure you will be happy with one of our multiple social media packages.

Post Show Q&A

Sunday Show Tunes is available with an exciting and original Q&A package to cover your virtual or live event. Our fun interviewing style shakes up the run of the mill press questions and engages performers, producers and audiences.

Host Live Events

We are available to host multiple events. Our industry knowledge, professionalism, and personality make events a success. From West End quiz nights, Sunday Show Tunes Late Late Show, to Open Mic nights – there’s no event too small or large for our hosting abilities.

Red Carpet Event

Maureen and Paul can often be found covering red carpet events – staying close to the current happenings of the West End and Broadway scene. They’ve attended the Olivier Awards, the Tony Awards, the What’s On Stage awards and The Stage Debut awards. Attendees love being interviewed by this dynamic duo who always bring electric energy to the event.

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