Tune in each week to Sunday Show Tunes for your recommended dose of favourite show tunes, new releases and fun interviews with West End and Broadway performers. We cover it all and throw in some cheeky commentary, too.
If you love a show tune, we’re sure you’re going to love our show. Sunday Show Tunes airs live every Sunday at 4pm UK time and is always available to listen again at the link below.

What People Say

“Two theater-loving people who know theater, love theater, and do everything they can to spread theater around and bring it directly to YOU! The only problem is they think theater is spelled t-h-e-a-t-r-e.”

Seth Rudetsky

“Maureen and Paul are musical theatre Trekkies who ‘boldly go where no man has gone before’ … If you want to know all the latest and most inside info, this is your best source.”

Scott Frankel

“Sunday Show Tunes makes me feel like all theatre is great and the world is a fabulous place. Maureen and Paul are like some kind of British/American expat amalgamation of all the characters in Mame and it’s always a treat to listen and pretend I’m hanging out with them.”

Ben Rimalower

“It’s an absolute joy to collaborate with such smart and funny hosts on Sunday Show Tunes!  Maureen and Paul are so passionate about musical theatre.  Their show is a wonderful weekly reminder of why we do what we do!”

Mark Cortale